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The Awakening

Carol Collins is a gifted alpha-state channeler for The Jeshua Collective - the team of nonphysical teachers who bring forth The Essential Material. Material – collective consciousness, manifesting with ease, health and wellness through natural healing, and intuitive advancement – what they call the Four Pillars of Learning. Jeshua dictated 11 books in 2021, her second year of channeling, and currently has 19 more completed and in queue for publishing. Jeshua is revolutionizing intuitive training and clearing the pathway to a true, clear, verbal connection with nonphysical Beings. They describe their work through Carol as “the depth of Edgar Cayce, the substance of Jane Roberts in the style of Esther Hicks.” Carol has been interviewed by celebrity personalities, featured in over two dozen magazines, was named to several Top 10 Women to Watch Lists, and is internationally known for giving powerfully accurate readings. Carol is rising swiftly to be among the great channelers bringing true, eloquent Teaching from beyond.

Through Carol, Jeshua is revolutionizing intuitive training and clearing the pathway to a true, clear, verbal connection with Nonphysical Beings.

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CAROL COLLINS - channel for Jeshua

Spontaneous verbal connection with Jeshua manifested in March 2019 after nine months of quiet meditation. The initial communication method used with her was "face spelling" a unique verbal connection that was highly accurate. Jeshua connected with Carol during each of her daily occurrence of silent meditation and brought out the ability to be a consciously-aware channel in her. Limiting beliefs and fear of failure caused face-spelling to be temporarily necessary. Once this method surfaced it created a pathway for the open and full verbal conversations that were needed to jumpstart her abilities.


On day one and for several days afterwards, Jeshua spoke about The Essential Material, their desire to teach it through her, and that energy work would be necessary to bring her abilities fully to the surface. They spoke about creation, Guides and the levels of them, who nonphysical Beings are and why we are having a physical life experience. They wrote a chapter of a book on day three. Communication by face spelling simply progressed to out loud channeling conversations within a matter of weeks and she has been a light (alpha-state) trance channel ever since.


The Jeshua Collective flows an abundance of information through her. She relies on them fully and hopes that you will as well. They write through her, they teach through her, and they heal through her in ways that are undeniable. All classes, lectures, readings, books, and workshops are trance channeled. Allowing Jeshua to borrow her voice is absolutely her favorite thing to do and she hopes they change your life forever as they have hers.

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