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(P2-1-03): Manifest With Ease

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MANIFEST WITH EASE - REPLAY Recorded on December 28, 2023 This end of year 2-hour workshop will create a flow of energy and positive mindset that will enhance your ability to manifest your vision board wish list. All things are possible. The Teachers delve into the psyche of human personality traits and identify behavioral characteristics that thwart your potential for manifesting evidence of prosperity as well as intuitively becoming happier with the process. The journey for manifesting does not have to be a lifetime, nor does it have to be difficult. The Art of Allowing your Guide or Guide Team to help you is a foundational concept that is discussed in detail along with practical skills and techniques to keep your positive momentum dominant as you look forward to creating your New Year Resolutions. This is a Pillar Two, Level One course For ongoing live teaching, full archive of classes, access to all self-paced courses and more, consider PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP. If you feel drawn to it, please use this link to join: _________________________________ Carol Collins is the channel for The Teachers and America's Medium. The Teachers enlighten us all on The Essential Material: The Four Pillars of Learning. She is internationally known for delivery of powerfully accurate channeled readings and life-changing attunements. Named Top 10 Women to Watch in 2022/2023, she is a rising star among channelers.

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