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The Art of Self-Healing - Session 1 (2024)




12 Weeks


About the Course

The Art of Self-Healing classes are ongoing, weekly, channeled classes grouped in sets of 12-weeks. Every class is channeled and always unique. The exo-conscious part of you is your energy field, it contains the chakratic system and The Grid. Each of these structures are discussed in detail. This is not your average healing modality class. This is channeled instruction from The Teachers on how the subconscious mind works, how it is integrated with the physical body, and how it creates your future experiences by what it has within it. All life is important and The Teachers create a learning space that is filled with the how, the why, the why not, and what to do to create your future on purpose. Self-healing is available for anyone. The Teachers guide you on a topic that only they can describe with accuracy.

Session 1 runs from January through March

Your Instructor

Carol Collins

Carol Collins

Carol Collins is America's Medium and the voice for The Teachers. She is a gifted channeler and internationally known for the delivery of powerfully accurate readings and the teachings of The Essential Material - The Four Pillars of Learning, the unique and substantial material that The Teachers bring forward through her.

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