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(P2-1-06) Who Are You Emotionally?

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This is a Pillar 2, Level 1 video course by THE TEACHERS. Your life is meant to be emotionally happy. You are not aware of how much we love teaching you how to focus consciously on your emotional state. In any given moment you are able to draw emotions to you. This is how manifesting begins and how it becomes what you are wanting - or not wanting. Drawing of emotional energy is the focus of this 90-min course. You will learn: 1. ENERGY is how thoughts become something tangible 2. THOUGHTS are a combination of conscious and unconscious Draw based on who you are emotionally 3. ACCURATE portrayal of who you are wanting to be means more of that wavelength will be what you work with when manifesting 4. PARTNERING with people in a vibrational way is illuminating. It is an exchange of wavelengths that align in the moment 5. CLEARING energy using simple Directed Energy flow that helps to alter your "in the moment" emotions For ongoing live teaching, full archive of classes, access to all self-paced courses and more, consider PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP. If you feel drawn to it, please use this link to join: _________________________________ Carol Collins is the channel for The Teachers and America's Medium. The Teachers enlighten us all on The Essential Material: The Four Pillars of Learning. She is internationally known for delivery of powerfully accurate channeled readings and life-changing attunements. Named Top 10 Women to Watch in 2022/2023, she is a rising star among channelers.

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