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The Podcast

ON PURPOSE - The Podcast is your opportunity to listen to The Teachers speak on various topics within The Essential Material - The Four Pillars of Learning.

They teach you, episode by episode, the most interesting content on how to manifest a life of abundance, how to live fully, how to self-heal, and how to access your "nonphysical Coach" whenever you reach for them.

Our Knowing Podcast - coming 2024


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ON PURPOSE - The Podcast

Your opportunity to learn from The Teachers how to access your potential. COMING SUMMER 2024

The Essential Material

The Four Pillars of Learning

Designed to be a complete suite of material on all topics that are necessary for life fulfillment.
Pillar 1: The Foundational Material. The Conscious Reality and all that goes along with it.
Pillar 2: Idea Reconstruction. How to remove limitation that keep you from manifesting a life you adore.
Pillar 3: Directed Energy to Self-Heal. The power of the Etheric to remove blockages and reframe what life is presenting to you.
Pillar 4: Intuitive Advancement. Channeled instruction to align your beliefs, your emotions, and your intellect on how to connect with the nonphysical world.

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Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey with The Teachers!

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"The Our Knowing is SO FUN! I always learn something new and The Teachers make sense out of nonsense. I like to know how things work and why they don't work and they never fail to get through to me." 

~ Maria

"The Four Pillars are fascinating! The Teachers's hopscotch way of bringing all the pieces together makes this workshop my favorite. I feel less weird, less spiritual, less uninformed. The world needs to know who Carol is so they can be introduced to The Teachers!"

~ Charlie

"I listen to a lot of channelers and The Teachers through Carol is by far my favorite. It is a one stop shop for everything i want to know and they have a knack for leading me to water every single time. Thank you. Most valuable teaching on LOA that's out there today."

~ Susan

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