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MAY 2023 - Our Knowing Workshop REPLAY

O wyzwaniu

MAY 2023 REPLAY The Our Knowing - Conversations with The Teachers is a livestream 2-hour workshop held monthly and is geared toward anyone wanting to improve their way of life. For law of attraction enthusiasts frustrated with their ability to manifest - these workshops are designed for you. The Teachers expand the usual conversation on the power of positivity and combines it with teachings on natural healing to clear away unconscious beliefs. Positive intentions unfortunately do not sway unconscious emotions, energy work does. They bridge the gap like no other teacher has. These monthly workshops are like a group reading where your questions guide the evening's event. It is 2-hours of nonstop channeled conversation on any topic that is important to you. Their teaching will amaze you. Their guidance is accurate to your situation. They begin each workshop with a topic of their choice to enlighten you on who they are or some aspect of learning how to live a happier, healthier life. Afterwards, they field questions on any topic presented to them for the duration of the evening. Offered as a monthly 2-hour live-virtual format, this Q&A based workshop is a great supplement to private readings. To join the monthly live workshop, see the website under Register/Our Knowing.

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