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The Readings

Workshops are a great way to receive guidance from Jeshua but sometimes there is nothing like a one-on-one private conversations. Jeshua is gentle, wise, straightforward, yet compassionate. With pin-pointed accuracy, they know what you need to know and they bring clarity to your life.

Remove fear and doubt with a conversation with Jeshua.

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Channeled Private Readings

Guidance on how to handle different situations, what is coming up for you, whether a decision, a person, or an environment is healthy for you is everything Jeshua brings to your reading. Gut feeling only gets you so far and often leads you in the wrong direction. Jeshua guides you on any topic that is important to you and will also connect you with your Guides and Loved Ones. They know what you are manifesting, why and how to get you on a better path. They call it "structured guidance" and it lays out a plan for you, often with timelines, predictions, and options for you to consider. It is step-by-step instructional advice to help you make significant change.

Carol likes to call herself the human conduit. They call her the best channeler they have ever spoken through. Her way of quieting her mind so Jeshua can speak on any topic of interest at a depth that is unseen from any other channeler. They combine analysis and foresight to delve deeply into your life and situation. They LOVE doing channeled readings. No topic is trivial to them. They GET TO guide people in a way that is direct, albeit from the nonphysical place they speak from.

Lives are maleable. Life is substantial. Life experience is undeniably difficult at times. Jeshua softly walks you through options available to you, circumstances that you will encounter and how to gain confidence in your ability to manifest a life that you are proud of.

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Jeshua guides you to become a healthier, happier, more fulfilling version of you. They provide a logical description of why you are or are not able to manifest what you are wanting. They connect you with your Loved Ones. They give you the how, the why, and the why not through step-by-step advice they call Structured Guidance. When followed, their predications are impeccable.


Jeshua calls this session Source Healing where they, alongside your Guide, create an atmosphere of healing for your mental, emotional, and physical state. Jeshua through guided meditation has a conversation with your emotional mind to heal it from unwellness of any kind. Positive effects are returning to your natural state, evidence of which can be witnesses in as little as one session. Jeshua described in detail what they are tending to throughout the session.

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Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey with Jeshua!

"I wish I had more time! Everything you said was accurate! My situation seemed bleak until we spoke. I have marching orders from Jeshua and believe me, I know what following them can do."

~ Melissa

"The first time I had a reading with Jeshua through Carol I immediately thought she sounded like a young Esther Hicks. There is no denying the accuracy that comes through her. Jeshua, my hat is off to you. You dealt with my emotions like no other and my life is a testament to your guidance. Much gratitude.

~ David

"I have been tapping into the Jeshua Collective for two months and have found their consult beyond amazing, accurate, and straightforward. A reading from Carol with them is the best I have ever had in 40-years!!!"

~ Michael



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