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Self Healing - Session 3, Level 2 (2024)

July through Sept - FREE with Platinum Membership

  • Started Jul 9
  • Online Zoom

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YOU HAVE SELECTED SESSION 3, LEVEL 2 - THE ART OF SELF HEALING (2024) Designed by The Teachers for healthy living no matter who you are, how old you are, or what your stature is. This life is meant to be lived happy, healthy, and prosperous. Dense coagulation of emotional residue forms the basis of all unwellness. It can be cleared by partnering with your nonphysical Teachers for Directing Energy to Self-Heal. Deepen your understanding of Level 1 concepts with a weekly 60-min class session followed by 30-min optional guided practice. Class sessions are held every Tuesday from 7:15 - 8:45pm ET on Zoom. ​ Sample concepts taught are: The Grid Structure What nonphysical energy is and how it heals Nonphysical Guides and Healing Teams How etheric properties manifest wellness The Nonphysical Self The mechanics of the Quantum Field and Quantum Body Nonphysical life and unlimited wellness Causation and Actualization Directed Energy and Touchpoint Activation Modality Nonphysical Structure for Healing Vortices and their healing properties ​ Classes are scheduled in 12-week sessions and are designed as continuous education, in a time-released learning environment. ​ Level 1 - weekly 60-minute livestream channeled class with The Teachers to illuminate your understanding of nonphysical energy, who the healer is, and how to partner for self-healing ​ Level 2 - weekly 60-minute livestream channeled class plus optional 30-minute practice session with The Teachers to enhance the depth and breadth of applying the self-healing modality and enrichment activities. Level 2 is by invitation only. ​ Session 1 - January thru March Session 2 - April thru June Session 3 - July thru September Session 4 - October thru December ​ Level 1 is $300 per session Level 2 is $350 per session or, FREE with Platinum Membership

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Alexandria, VA, USA

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