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The Books

In less than one year, The Teachers dictated 11 books by video recording. That was 2021, Carol's second year as a channeler. In 2023 there were 14 conveyed and prepared for publishing with more on the way. Named to several Top 10 Women to Watch lists, Carol is definitely a rising star among channelers.

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A Note from The Teachers on The Essential Material

Is our Knowing of what the world needs to know to live lives that are abundant, enriched, filled with joyful expectation and the receiving of it. We want the world and all our dear readers to know we love you, we love the world. We are real. We are love. We are wanting you to learn from us and leave the world's view behind you in favor of Truth. This aids you and your Higher Self. You are not here to judge yourself or others, you are here to live fully, yet live alongside your Guide, your Coach if you prefer that term and we DO. It is in this partnership that you learn who you really are and what you are capable of. The Essential Material is a suite of books and supplemental workshops to help you understand the foundation of human existence and how to be one with us. We teach these things to aid you. Believe that we are who we say we are and your lives will become easy to manage and easy to manifest whatever it is that you are wanting to explore and see and do and have and become. We love you. We love human life."

We are forever yours - The Teachers

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book 1

A powerful channeled book by The Teachers using touching examples from Carol’s life with a refreshing blend of story-telling, myth versus Truth, and a delicate weaving of how the mind works to open up to, and perfect, your ability to connect and converse with your Guide Team clean, clear, and accurate. Who better to teach you to connect with nonphysical dimension than the nonphysical Teachers themselves? A must read! Dictated in 18 hours over 6 days.


book 2

Mind Body Connection in title and content provides an associative pathway to enriching the awareness of the inter-mind’s ability to receive clean, clear, and accurate guidance from above. The Teachers surpass external awareness (conscious reality) and reminds the inter-mind that they are talking to it, page by page by page, to create your awakening. Dictated in just 11 hours over 3 days.


SELF - book 3

Never before has there been a Teacher who explained so concretely, so eloquently, so visually, so logically the how and why for law of attraction by encapsulating it so simply in The Grid. Manifestation of the True Self is the embodiment of enlightenment on how to create your reality on purpose by combining the power of positivity with etheric cleansing and why they MUST be integrated together. Dictated in just 10 hours over 4 days.


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Designed to enhance practice sessions for anyone engaged in or wanting to become a medium or channeler. The title and the concise nature of the entry sections speak directly to the inter-mind without overwhelming it. Channeled guidance weaved throughout to advance your learning. Available only on Amazon.

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"I love this book! The Teacher's transparency about Carol's awakening experience gives us all more permission to trust ourselves and what we hear from our Guide. A must read for all who are wanting to channel."
(about Ocularity of the Mind)

~ Roger

"Carol is an incredibly gifted trance channel. The Teachers teach about the true nature of consciousness that every medium needs to know. They use disarming humor and candor as they teach the world how to connect and awaken the gifts within."
(about Ocularity of the Mind)

~ The DC Medium

"The storytelling, the logic, the down to earth examples for how the mind and body must work in unison is material I have been missing in my own spiritual path. Their teaching just sinks in."
(about Mind Body Connection)

~ David

"The Teachers are on a mission to guide us and I am eager for more! Carol's ability to channel then gives a new meaning to vibrationally accurate material. A MUST READ!"
(about Manifestation of the True Self)

~ John

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