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The Sumari Symbols - An Introduction (P3-09) - COMING SOON


The Sumari Symbols: An Introduction Sumari is the instrument of nonphysical healing. It is the instrument of separating energy of dense emotion and reconfiguring thought to infuse a sense of well-being. This is ancient wisdom and its uses are unlimited. This is ancient wisdom brought into the world time and again as the world's population loses sight of its benefits. This course includes a 90-minute video series and downloadable pdf of Sumari: An Introductory Manual. Both the video course and the pdf document are channeled and infuse knowledge with practical application. The Teachers define what Sumari is, who uses it, what it does, who it is channeled through, and how it is used in both the nonphysical and physical dimensions of reality. This is a Pillar Three, Level One course.

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