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(P4-1-01): INTRODUCTION - Pillar 4, Unfoldment


This is an overview of what Pillar Four - Unfoldment is all about. The series of self-paced courses align to the Crown Chakra and are designed to awaken you to your innate abilities. The Teachers guide you gently into what they teach and why they are bringing this information to you. You are guided. You are a nonphysical vibration Being. You are at this moment in time also a human Being with certain predetermined limitations. These limitations are explored, explained, and delved into deeply. Communication means two-way dialog and it is desired that each of us have the ability to be verbally guided. This does not happen overnight, nor will it happen without certain behaviors in place but when all things are met, it will surface. I hope you stick with it. The self-paced courses are designed with you in mind - the learner, to have focus and patience to learn the material. The levels for this Pillar area is: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Sumari, and Practitioner. To supplement your self-paced learning, please consider livestream weekly classes for Self-Healing and Unfoldment. The PLATINUM Membership opportunity comes with unlimited live classes, unlimited monthly Our Knowing Workshops, all of the archives, and all of the self-paced courses for a monthly autopayment. Please see the website to enroll in classes and to join any of the MEMBERSHIP opportunities. You are loved. ~ The Teachers

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