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(P2-1-01): INTRODUCTION - Pillar 2, Idea Reconstruction


This is an overview of what Pillar Two - Idea Reconstruction is all about. The series of self-paced courses align to the Throat Chakra and are designed to open you to conversation from Beyond. The Teachers guide you gently into what this Pillar is all about, how to align with and partner with your Guide (nonphysical Teacher) to get what you are wanting. This manifesting Pillar is necessary to not only manifest physical objects and circumstances but self-healing and physical wellness too. You are guided daily. You are always guided. We want you to know this from the inside out. The self-paced courses are designed with you in mind - to learn, to participate, to have fun, to engage, to evolve. The levels for this Pillar area are: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The PLATINUM Membership opportunity comes with unlimited live classes for Self-Healing and Unfoldment, unlimited monthly Our Knowing Workshops, all of the archives, and all of the self-paced courses for one monthly autopayment. You are loved. ~ The Teachers

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