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(P1-1-01): INTRODUCTION - Pillar 1, The Foundational Material


This is an overview of what Pillar One - The Foundational Material is all about. The series of self-paced courses align to the Sacrum Chakra and are designed to open you to satisfy your Soul Intentions. The Teachers guide you gently into what this Pillar is all about, and what the meaning of Soul Intention is. This Life Pillar is necessary to help you engage with your nonphysical Teacher to satisfy these Intentions and to ultimately reach your desired potential from your nonphysical perspective. You are loved. You have forgotten what Love is and how it heals. The Teachers return you to your natural state by offering you Truth about who you Really Are. The self-paced courses are designed with you in mind - to remember who you are, why are you are, and that you are guided all along the way. The levels for this Pillar area are: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The PLATINUM Membership opportunity comes with unlimited live classes for Self-Healing and Unfoldment, unlimited monthly Our Knowing Workshops, all of the archives, and all of the self-paced courses for one monthly autopayment. You are loved. ~ The Teachers

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