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Session 1 (2023) Unfoldment - REPLAY

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UNFOLDMENT INTO CHANNELING Session 1 - January through March 2023 REPLAY Livestream classes with The Teachers are held every 12-weeks each year. This is ONGOING, CONTINUING EDUCATION and not a 12-week program that is repeated throughout the year. The livestream classes allow time for Q&A. The cost for live classes is $350 per 12-week session - or FREE with purchase of PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP. Ongoing weekly channeled classes designed by The Teachers to increase your ability to receive, clarity in that receiving, and accuracy on what your Guide is conveying to you. The Essential Material's Four Pillars of Learning are weaved into discussion to awaken the inner mind to what it knows how to do - translate vibrational conveyance. Class sessions always amplify your abilities. They have a way of bringing out the channeler in you. Cognitive-based learning always includes some amount of guesswork. Exploratory learning increases your skillset. Jeshua led learning provides results. Offered as a weekly, livestream, classes scheduled in 12-week sessions and are designed as ongoing, in a time-released learning environment. The 12-week sessions are new each week and considered continuing education in Unfoldment is not a recurring program of classes. To join any of the ongoing livestream classes, see the website under Register.

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