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The Self Paced Courses

The Essential Material is the Knowledge Base that nonphysical teachers bring forward through any highly qualified channeler. The Teachers have masterminded the courses provided on this learning site. They give you "Their Knowing" of how physical life was meant to be lived, the how and why we are here, how to live with abundance as our expectation, how to heal by The Grid, and how to communicate verbally with those that remain in the nonphysical dimension. 

The Teachers have designed each course with progression in mind. The sequential numbering identifies advancement. There is purpose in this. It is for the benefit of each individual's subconscious mind and bringing understanding, awareness, and actuality in your mediumship abilities.

Recommendation from The Teachers -
"Watch each free introductory video in sequence, Pillar 1-4. Once you have completed these first four videos then rest a while. A week is sufficient. This process will give your nonphysical Teacher enough time to guide you using Intuition. Their Knowing is for your benefit. They know what you are needing at any moment in time. They will guide you. How will you know it is Them and not your own conscious mind? Simply come back to this page a week after viewing the free videos and then squeeze your eyes tightly. When you open them they will have guided you to the FIRST Pillar for you to start with. This is different for each person because each of you are unique and in a different mind space when you found Us. Alternatively, use of a pendulum by way of simple question spaced one minute apart or the pie chart technique. It is good for you to do so. The pendulum is not speaking to you but your Guide is by way of an energy strand that causes the pendulum to move in the direction of Their asking.
We love you. We love you. We love you. Know this as you sample and then progress through what we know as The Essential Material."

~ The Teachers 


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