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The Live-Virtual Classes

There are two ongoing, weekly classes taught in a live-virtual environment: Unfoldment Into Channeling (Pillar 4) and The Art of Self-Healing (Pillar 3). These classes are your opportunity to engage directly with The Teachers throughout the entire class session. The curriculum is theirs, the practice sessions are meaningful, and as always they bring Their Knowing of what each student needs that week. Trust that they are always aware of you and your progress. There is no human mind that they cannot teach to communicate verbally with them.

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A program designed by The Teachers to increase your ability to receive, clarity in that receiving, and accuracy on what your Guide is conveying to you. The Essential Material's four pillars of learning are weaved into discussion to awaken the inner mind to what it knows how to do - translate vibrational conveyance. Class sessions always amplify your abilities. They have a way of bringing out the channeler in you.
Classes are scheduled in 12-week sessions and are designed as ongoing, in a time-released learning environment.
Cognitive-based learning always includes some amount of guesswork. Exploratory learning increases your skillset. Learning with The Teachers provides true results.


A program designed for healthy living, no matter who you are, how old you are, or what your stature is. This life is meant to be lived happy, healthy, and prosperous. Directing "Chi" - we use the term Source Energy - that flows through your etheric veins on the exterior of your body is where coagulation of thought resides. You can heal it. You can clear it. You can cleanse that part of you thought by thought by thought. When you do, stagnation becomes less. When you intentionally direct Chi by the use of internal healing properties called vortexual points, you can speed up the healing process - by a little or a lot depending on your attunement and your practice of it. 
Classes are scheduled in 12-week sessions and are designed as ongoing, in a time-released learning environment.
Life experience creates what is. We show you how to undo that which was done to you by your sub-conscious minds. You are greater than you think you are. The most natural thing in this life experience is self-healing alongside your Guide.

"There is always a plan for you, for your learning, for your advancement, for your ACCURACY in communicating with us, your guide, your loved ones, and those that are watching over your life. We have an interest in your development. Your accuracy creates the difference between knowing what we are saying and assuming. Knowing is what we are  wanting for you."

~ The Teachers

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Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey with The Teachers!

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